Captain Admiral's (B)log

Little CO Guy Coffee Talk . . . 


Hello Everybody! Welcome to the latest Captain's (B)Log!

The USS KJ begins its fourth year without a Picard season premiere, but we have Echo dropping, plus the final season of The Bad Batch and of Discovery later this year.

As I am typing this, we just wrapped up Farpoint at its new home at the DoubleTree in Pikesville, MD, off Route 140. Shore Leave will be happening in July this year in Lancaster, PA.

We still had a USS KJ contingent at Farpoint, as it is "closer". The usual Oh-Dark Saturday Morning Fleet Seven Meeting took place at 9 AM on Saturday, members had Outlander panels, and some of our crew took a turn at the Region 7 Recruitment Table.

We have added a few new members onboard the USS KJ, and members are rising up in the ranks.

Our monthly Movie Nights continue at Frederick Homeport.

The USS KJ will be heading to the Germantown Library on Saturday, March 2nd, for MoComCon, hopefully with an appearance from our sister Ship, the USS Mae Jemison. We will also be making a visit to Frederick Comic Con on Sunday, March 24th.

As the Ship has members from Western Maryland to Pennsylvania to Baltimore, we may see representation by one of two crewmembers at these events:

  • Happy Valley Comic & Collectibles Convention, State College, PA
  • Awesome Con, Washington, DC
  • Steel City Con, Monroeville, PA
  • Four State Comic-Con, Hagerstown, MD
  • Otakon, Washington, DC
  • RisuCon, North Bethesda, MD

Hopefully, this Spring, the weather will cooperate for the long-postponed trip to Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD.

After repeated attempts, the literary contributions of the USS KJ were finally accepted and published in the latest edition of "Strange New Words". Congratulations to those who were published. Submissions for the next issue by USS KJ members have already been made.

Just to note that, this year, the USS KJ donated over $1000 for the annual Toys for Tots drive. This is our primary charity for the Ship. I am impressed and proud of the effort by the crew, and I thank you very much.

Last year was a busy time for the USS KJ. We've come a long way from the library meeting in 2020 that was canceled due to lockdown. We've grown, and thrived. We've been recognized, yay. We've had our ups and downs, our joyful times, and our times of pain and sorrow. The new year is open to new experiences, but we are guided by the Ship's Motto, "Out of Adversity, Excellence".

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and stay well. Andiamo!

Little CO Captain Admiral Guy