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Hello Everybody! Welcome to the latest blogpost from the center seat of the USS Katherine Johnson! The latest issue of the Ship's Journal, "Orbital Elements" was just published. I consider it the Fleet's best Chapter Publication, and it's thanks to the contributions of the crewmembers of the USS KJ, and the work of our XO, Captain John Lee, for the quick turnaround for a product of high quality.

First, the USS KJ welcomes two new members to its crew.

The USS KJ crewmembers have been active at STARFLEET Academy. One has also been awarded the Ex Astris Scientia 4th Class Award for completing 10 Academy courses, the Ex Astris Scientia 3rd Class Award for completing 20 courses, and the Ex Astris Scientia Award 2nd Class for completing 30 Academy Courses. In addition, USS KJ Crewmembers have been presented the Silver Boothby Award from STARFLEET for completing 100 courses, awarded a Gold Boothby Award for completing 150 Academy courses, and received a Trilithium Boothby Award for completing 500 Academy courses. Congratulations to all!

Farpoint was well attended last February by the USS KJ, and we were able to bring home some physical awards for 2020, with the 2021 Physical Awards at Shore Leave or the Region 7 Conference in October. Meanwhile, we should be hearing about the 2022 Region 7 Awards shortly.

The Movie Nights at XO/CMO's home have become a regular in-person affair on the last Saturday night of the month.

The USS KJ has been planning more Away Team events this Spring, with a trip to Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD on May 13th and a Star Wars Night with the Frederick Keys in June. There's also the Memorial Day Cookout near the end of May.

As far as upcoming cons, we have Shore Leave in July, as well as the Frederick Comic Con the same month. StarQuest says they will be returning to Frederick this summer. This coming weekend, Hagerstown Community College will host Four State Comic Con. That doesn't even include "Free Comic Book Day" on the 1st Saturday of May. (After the past few years, your local comic book store and gaming shop deserves your patronage.)

For a small ship, we're quite busy!

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and stay well. Andiamo!

Little CO Captain Admiral Guy


Hello Everybody! Welcome to the latest blogpost from the center seat of the USS Katherine Johnson! We've had a quiet wrap-up to 2022, and the USS KJ enters Year Four and 2023 with more activities on a regular basis.

First, we welcomed a new crewmember from Pennsylvania, who will be hanging his Fleet shingle with the KJ.

As I am writing this, Farpoint is a few weeks away, and the KJ will make an appearance at the Oh-Dark Saturday Morning Region 7 Meeting. We'll check the sign up schedule for manning the Region 7 Membership Table.

The other night was the first of a series of Movie Nights at XO/CMO's home. We're looking to make this a monthly affair. As long as we have streaming and YouTube, we'll have plenty of selections.

My thanks and commendations to the XO and the CMO for spearheading the annual Toys for Tots collection, the USS KJ main charity, and to all who chipped in, no matter the amount. Last count that was given was over $628 in toys and donations. As I said before, it's not mandatory, but I am impressed by and proud of the Ship and its efforts. I'll admit that there are other chapters who are more involved in charity work, but what we do, we do well.

As I said last time, we have a lot of members contributing in various ways and means, and I thank you for your interests and efforts, whatever level they are. If you have any suggestions for events or for activities for the USS KJ, please bring them forward. The lines of communication are always open, but, most important, this is your Ship.

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and stay well. Andiamo!

Little CO Captain Admiral Guy