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Hello to one and all!

Welcome to the latest blogpost from the Center Seat of the USS Katherine Johnson. The past few months have been crazy, which is an understatement. Let me see if I can recap.

We've been busy with relocations, life changes, and such. Two members of the crew were married (to each other). Four members of the crew were promoted, with an additional crewmember receiving back-to-back promotions over the course of a few months. Congratulations to one and all!

Again, a reminder about keeping track of promotion points, especially if they are events not recorded from group events or in the STARFLEET Database. The XO and I did delve through our records and notes to see and verify, but if you are due and can bring the records, the promotion's a go.

As I am writing this, the Region 7 Conference is going on. The USS KJ hoped to have had a presence there, but it didn't come to pass. Next year.

The USS KJ did make a presence at the virtual 2022 STARFLEET International Conference on August 12th and 13th. One member from Engineering was a moderator for one of the channels for a few hours.

The USS KJ had Away Teams going to the Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia, a Frederick Keys game, and a Sunday showing of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan at the Germantown Regal.

The USS KJ celebrated its second anniversary of Commissioning at a Picnic held on Sunday August 28th, at the CMO and XO's home.

Our XO and CMO will be spearheading the annual Toys for Tots collection, the USS KJ main charity. It's not mandatory, of course, but any and all contributions are welcomed. The XO mentioned doing it piecemeal, a toy here and there, instead of splurging.

Plans for the Holiday Party hinge on upcoming surgeries for the XO and CMO. Contingencies are in place, but we will revisit in December.

As I said last time, we have a lot of members contributing in various ways and means, and we're grateful for any and all contributions, whatever level they are.

I've received feedback from crew members in the form of apologies that their level of participation has fallen off.

My response: "Please don't feel bad. There is no minimum, and whatever you bring to the table is up to you. I know that Real Life takes precedence, and as our CMO points out, 'FAKE SPACE NAVY!' 

As long as we know that we're not chasing you away and you still want to be part of our motley crew, I'm satisfied with that.  It's what makes us the USS Katherine Johnson."

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and stay well. Andiamo!

Little CO Captain Admiral Guy


Hello to one and all!

Welcome to the latest blogpost from the Center Seat of the USS Katherine Johnson. It seems like yesterday that we had snow flurries and frost warnings; as I'm writing this, we anticipate a heat index over 100 degrees. The USS KJ has had a busy couple of months.

First, we welcome one new crew member, who is very involved in cosplay, and has joined the Medical Division. We look forward to seeing her at future ship events.

On May 22nd, the USS KJ sent an Away Team down to the Regal in Rockville, Maryland to see the Director's Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which surprisingly had less motionless and more Vulcan crying. It was definitely an improvement. Afterwards, the Away Team took the long road getting to the Red Robin just a few blocks away.

On May 29th, XO and CMO held a Memorial Day Picnic at their home. A good time was had by all.

Strange New Worlds has come and gone this season. Most of the individual episodes were exceptional, however, the underlining arc for the season has elicited mixed responses. Nonetheless, the breakout character, by far, was Captain Pike's hair. We have a wait until the next Trek series, which will be Lower Decks on August 25th.

On the fanfiction side, there has been a reorganization of the KJ Fanfic Ship in terms of a Luna-Class Starship, with Starfleet and Civilian characters added to the existing persona bios. Of the 300 crewmembers, there are 20 fanfic personas written out. This has helped flesh out the background as the stories of the fanfic Luna-Class USS KJ are being written. It shows quite the literary talent of our little crew. The stories, personas, and ship's organization are in the MEMBERS AREA on this website and are a KJ crew member benefit.

After three years, Shore Leave returned to in-person on July 15th to the 17th at the Hunt Valley Inn, Maryland. It was wonderful seeing everyone together after so long. A third of the crew attended the STARFLEET Region 7 Meeting on Saturday. Certificates were handed out for the 2021 awards (including CO of the Year and Website of the Year) with the actual awards being presented at the R7 Conference at Cherry Hill, NJ, to be held in late October. The USS KJ supplied a Starfleet banner for use by the Region 7 Recruiting Table with great success.

While at Shore Leave, I discovered there was another Star Trek group in Frederick. The USS Monocacy is part of the West-Coast based organization, Star Trek:The Fleet. They launched this past February. In addition to fandom and charity work, they have a niche for cosplay. At Shore Leave, they had a green screen setup for pictures. Hopefully, we can arrange for some inter-ship activities in the near future. Their website is

Speaking of inter-ship activities, the USS Banneker is also interested in getting together. It's hopeful we can have joint away teams with the mothership as well.

Frederick Comic-Con was held Sunday July 17th at the Clarion Inn. Unfortunately, that was the Sunday of Shore Leave, so there was no USS KJ presence. Next one will be in November.

The Virtual 2022 STARFLEET International Conference will be held on August 12th and 13th, where Annual Awards and online panels from around the Fleet will be given. Registration and other information at

As I am typing this, a trip to the Udvar-Hazy Center (the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's annex at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia) is planned for the 30th of July. Carpooling will be coordinated by the Counselor at her place.

The USS KJ Anniversary Picnic will be held on Sunday August 28th, at the CMO's and XO's home. Watch for what foods and goods to bring. Not only are we celebrating our second year since Commissioning, but it's also been a year since we launched as a Luna-Class, with everyone happy staying as Luna-class for a while (. . . I hope!)

Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan 40th Anniversary will be shown Labor Day Weekend. The USS KJ will see TWOK on Sunday, September 4th at the Regal Germantown at 4 PM.

The USS Katherine Johnson have monthly Zoom meetings, held on the third Saturday of the month at 4 PM ET.

We have discovered two resources for generating avatars in the manner of Starfleet officers with variety of Alpha Quadrant species, You may find them at:



Finally, I just want to note that a posthumous autobiography of Katherine Johnson was released in hardcover last year, titled "My Remarkable Journey: A Memoir". The paperback version was released May 31st, and is available through your favorite book outlets.

This little Coffee Talk Blog took a bit longer and more involved than anticipated, and it reflects the increased activity and events our little ship has been involved in the past few months. We have a lot of members contributing in various ways and means, and it's a bit of pride and humbleness that I take. I just send in the reports to Fleet - the rest of you keep the chapter chugging along. Once again, thanks for your contributions, whatever level they are.

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and stay cool. Hit it!

VADM Thomas "Little Guy" Restivo, Ship's Captain


Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the latest blogpost from the Center Seat of the USS Katherine Johnson. Spring is definitely trying to be sprung, despite the occasional snow flurries and frost warnings of the past few weeks, so let me give you a quick recap since January.

We welcomed two new members to the crew, who actually are longtime members in STARFLEET and decided to hang their billets in our Luna-class ship.

The USS Katherine Johnson attended the Region 7 meeting at Farpoint in February, where Regional Awards were finally given out in person. Farpoint was a quiet con considering we were getting into the "new normal", but it was enjoyable. Members of the USS KJ assisted at the STARFLEET Regional Recruitment table.

The USS KJ also attended Frederick Comic Con in March, and left recruitment material.

Future events include Four State Comic Con on April 30- May 1, SciFi ValleyCon in Altoona in June with the USS Stella Pirata, Awesome Con in DC in June, Shore Leave 42 in July, the Virtual STARFLEET International Conference in August, and the Western Regional Summit in September.

We put out a list of possible Away Missions for the coming months in the last newsletter. We also recognize that many of our members still cannot get out for in-person meetings in the area. We will be having monthly Zoom meetings on the third Saturday of the month at 4 PM ET, starting May 21st.

We're hoping to get some crewmembers together for a viewing of the premiere of Strange New Worlds, and maybe we can solve the issue of sharing a stream on Zoom, if it's possible.

Finally, I'm proud of our crew and the various and variety of submissions that go and have gone into our newsletter, "Orbital Elements". I've "Been There Done That", as a newsletter editor, and I can attest the times on other ships when submissions have been few and far between.

Not on the USS KJ. In addition, XO John continues to produce a high-quality product that I would call the best of the Fleet. Lastly, kudos to the Security Chief for providing the stellar templates for the newsletter.

We got word that the Region 7 Awards were announced. The USS Katherine Johnson received Best Website (Congratulations, Webmaster!) And CO of the Year (Congratulations Admi- Holy Crap! That's ME!).

For a little ship and chapter, we've made a huge impact on the Region in a short amount of time, and I credit it to the finest crew in the Fleet.

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and we'll see you on the flip side. 

Hit it!

VADM Thomas "Little Guy" Restivo, Ship's Captain