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Hello Everybody! Welcome to the latest blogpost from the center seat of the USS Katherine Johnson!

First, welcome aboard to an old friend, the Romulan Engineer from the USS Banneker. Chief Vri-Zera will show you where Engineering is. and don't mind the 'Skunk Stripe' in the Science Division.

Congratulations go to our recent graduates of Officers Command College, CMO Mo and Counselor Liz, who were promoted to the rank of Commander after accumulating years of promotion points. Huzzah again!

Two weeks ago, the USS KJ descended upon Shore Leave with our new T-Shirts and the new Fleet Banner for the recruiting table (Thanks, XO John and Rick!). At the Region 7 Meeting, Ops Rick received Region 7 Officer of the Year! Huzzah!

Our trip to Goddard Space Flight Center is scheduled for August 5th, with another outing to see the Frederick Keys scheduled for the 12th. Aside from the monthly Zoom Meetings and Movie Nights, we also have the Ship's Anniversary Picnic on Sunday, September 3rd, which will include a Business Meeting to reaffirm the Ship's Handbook and the leadership for the Chapter (that is, if you still want me and XO John around).

Seriously, there's so much going on, I want to refer you to the USS KJ Events Calendar at It's changing and expanding, and I use it all the time to keep track.

Meanwhile, the USS Stella Pirata invited the USS KJ on an Away Mission to Weston, WV, on October 14th for a Ghost Tour and Investigation.

In the Region, we've had a chance in leadership. RC Wayne stepped down, and VRC Bob became RC Bob, whose ascent was confirmed by a majority vote of the COs.

Crewmembers on the USS KJ continue to be impressive in taking courses at Starfleet Academy. One noteworthy student took over 600 Academy courses, and is still going!

Finally, on the podcast, "The Delta Flyers" with Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill, there is a special episode with Michelle Hurd, Kitty Swink, and Armin Shimerman to talk all things about the SAG-AFTRA strike. To note: Don't cancel your subscriptions to stream, and do support the guests at cons, even if they aren't talking about their past, present, and future endeavors.

Here's the link:

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and stay well. 


Little CO Captain Admiral Guy