Captains' (B)log

Little CO Guy Coffee Talk . . . 


Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the latest blogpost from the Center Seat of the USS Katherine Johnson. Spring is definitely trying to be sprung, despite the occasional snow flurries and frost warnings of the past few weeks, so let me give you a quick recap since January.

We welcomed two new members to the crew, who actually are longtime members in STARFLEET and decided to hang their billets in our Luna-class ship.

The USS Katherine Johnson attended the Region 7 meeting at Farpoint in February, where Regional Awards were finally given out in person. Farpoint was a quiet con considering we were getting into the "new normal", but it was enjoyable. Members of the USS KJ assisted at the STARFLEET Regional Recruitment table.

The USS KJ also attended Frederick Comic Con in March, and left recruitment material.

Future events include Four State Comic Con on April 30- May 1, SciFi ValleyCon in Altoona in June with the USS Stella Pirata, Awesome Con in DC in June, Shore Leave 42 in July, the Virtual STARFLEET International Conference in August, and the Western Regional Summit in September.

We put out a list of possible Away Missions for the coming months in the last newsletter. We also recognize that many of our members still cannot get out for in-person meetings in the area. We will be having monthly Zoom meetings on the third Saturday of the month at 4 PM ET, starting May 21st.

We're hoping to get some crewmembers together for a viewing of the premiere of Strange New Worlds, and maybe we can solve the issue of sharing a stream on Zoom, if it's possible.

Finally, I'm proud of our crew and the various and variety of submissions that go and have gone into our newsletter, "Orbital Elements". I've "Been There Done That", as a newsletter editor, and I can attest the times on other ships when submissions have been few and far between.

Not on the USS KJ. In addition, XO John continues to produce a high-quality product that I would call the best of the Fleet. Lastly, kudos to the Security Chief for providing the stellar templates for the newsletter.

We got word that the Region 7 Awards were announced. The USS Katherine Johnson received Best Website (Congratulations, Webmaster!) And CO of the Year (Congratulations Admi- Holy Crap! That's ME!).

For a little ship and chapter, we've made a huge impact on the Region in a short amount of time, and I credit it to the finest crew in the Fleet.

As always, be safe, keep healthy, and we'll see you on the flip side. 

Hit it!

VADM Thomas "Little Guy" Restivo, Ship's Captain