Starfleet Divisions

Starfleet divisions are specialized organizational structures within Starfleet. Over time many different forms of the Starfleet uniform represented the three main divisions: Command, Operations, Sciences. They are identified by a color code department color, and sometimes a patch or collar insignia. 

Ship's Departments 

The Katherine Johnson is divided into five different departments, grouping crew members by common interests and talents. On the KJ, these departmenst are: Operations with Communications, Engineering, Medical with Counseling, Science, and Security.  The departments may be combined at the discretion of the Command Staff during periods where there are unfilled Department Chief positions. Departments and/or responsibilities may be added or removed at the discretion of the crew during the annual business meeting. 

Each department is presided over by a Department Chief, who reports directly to the XO, who in turn reports to the CO. It is the responsibility of every Department Chief to implement all projects, events, and decisions regarding the department, submit a monthly department status report (DSR) outlining the department's activities and welfare to the XO for inclusion in the chapter's MSR to STARFLEET, and act as the first point of contact in the Chain of Command. Departments and Department Chiefs may also handle certain real-life functions within the chapter that relate to the mission of the department.

The following describe and explain the nature and the responsibilities of the Command Staff and Departments.  

KJ Department Descriptions


The Command Staff is comprised of the CO, XO, Second Officer, and Department Chiefs, and acts as the governing body of the organization. Duties of the Command Staff include, but are not limited to: formulation and implementation of chapter policies; handling of promotions up to Commander, handling of chapter awards, expediting commendations, enforcing disciplinary procedures, and reviewing the formation of shuttles (newly launching chapters) off the USS Katherine Johnson.


This department tends to the tasks of actual operation of ship's meetings, conventions, recruiting drives, & other missions into the community. Operations personnel are the "movers and shakers". They get the job done! Examples of OPS positions: Recruiting Officer, Shop Keeper / Quartermaster. 

Fictional roles include: Helm Officer, Navigation, Shuttle Pilots, etc.


This section (part of the Ops Dept) is responsible for the publication of the ship's newsletter (Orbital Elements), maintaining the ship's Facebook and Web pages, updating the Chapter Handbook, producing flyers, writing press releases, & other duties as needed. 

Fictional roles include: Sub-space Communications Specialist and other aspects of Inter- and Intra-ship communication.


This department is made up of members who are interested in the fabrication and construction aspects of the chapter. Static displays, recruiting booth trappings, and other material aspects of the ship's involvement with the community are dealt with in Engineering. Engineers may also offer technical / computer support as needed, if they are qualified in real life. 

Fictional roles include: Warp drive technicians, transporter operators, etc.


This department (which includes the Ship's Counselor) is made up of members interested and skilled in medical and First Aid services. Medical personnel often become involved with blood drives and First Aid stations at local conventions. It is always nice to have experienced medical personnel at away missions.

Although many Medical department roles are more real-life jobs than fictional ones, department staff members should only assist in medical situations to the level of their own skill and training, and should defer to professional EMTs, Nurses, Doctors, or other certified medical professionals at all times.

Fictional roles include Chief Medical Officer, medical officers, Head Nurse, Counselor.


This department is made up of personnel interested in any field of science.  Science personnel help develop and present educational programs, interact with other science organizations, and provide the drive to "seek out..."  

Fictional roles are sometimes merged with real roles. Horticulturalist, Astronomer, Geologist, Biologist, Paranormal Investigator, etc., make up the complement of the Science Department.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


This department tends to the safety of ship's crew and security of its materials. Publishes personal safety bulletins / articles (i.e. computer and internet security, home security,  public security, etc.). Gives support on community service and  Away Missions, as needed. May assist with security issues at Conventions, such as overseeing safekeeping of ship's property. 

Fictional roles include ship's Security Chief and specialists in weapons, shields, and security protocols, and tactical.