["Mrs. Johnson" - Ship's A.I. Interpersonal Holographic Computer.]

Greetings!  'Mrs. Johnson", here. Welcome to Holodeck 7, where special entertainment programs are presented for the enjoyment of our crew and guests.  Programs include such acts as music concerts, comedy skits, short plays, special festivals and others.  The program venues may be poolside at a resort on Risa ('The Horg'hn' - TNG), or a front seat at the Royal Opera House, Covent Gardens ('Diva Dance' - Fifth Element), or the ruins at the Temple of Morag ('Opening Sequence' - GOTG). Also, for a time, we will keep on file those acts featured earlier on Holodeck 7 . . . so, you can view them at your leisure. 

At this time, it is my pleasure to re-introduce to you VioDance -  featured on Holodeck 7 before performing their Evolution of Star Trek Series Music Theme (1966-2020).  which currently has 1.8 million views on YouTube. Rebeca Sanchez is the violinist and her husband, Davor Jelacic, is the mastermind behind all the visual effects for the videos. Both are fans of Star Trek, so it was only logical they did a cover of the Lower Decks Main Theme - all while monochrome Sanchez appears rotoscoped on the Cerritos. 

Plus, there is a special bonus feature . . . Star Trek - Lower Decks: The USS Cerritos NCC-75567 Leaves Spacedock for the first time.

Get yourself a snack, sit in a comfortable chair and enjoy the show.

Star Trek: Lower Decks - Main Theme. By violinist Rebecca 'Becky' Sanchez of VioDance

USS Cerritos Leaves Spacedock for the First Time

Evolution of Star Trek Series Music Theme (1966-2020). By violinist Rebecca 'Becky' Sanchez of VioDance

Hooked On A Feeling (1974) by Blue Swede from Marvel Studio's Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

Villain Pub - Into the Loki-Verse by HISHE (2021)