Luna-Class Overview

Shown in the video is the USS Titan, Capt. William T. Riker's Luna-Class ship. 

The USS Katherine Johnson . . .

is a Luna-class starship, built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. The Katherine Johnson's mission is primarily scientific research and deep space exploration.  These "Ships of the Line" featured many of Star Fleet's newest and experimental designs. With a length of 454m and a width of 204m this ship is larger than one of its predecessors, the Intrepid-Class. The Luna-Class is designed to operate with a crew of 350 officers and crew members. The Luna-Class has a cruising speed of warp factor 8 and a maximum emergency speed of warp 9.975. The Luna-Class utilizes a new double refracting warp core matrix with twin intermix chambers. The Luna-Class' exceptional environmental systems allows for a far more diverse crew than was possible in earlier starship designs.  At the time of her launch in 2379, she had one of the most diverse crews (human/non-human mix) shipped in all of Star Fleet.