Welcome Aboard!

Little CO Guy, Tom
Little CO Guy, Tom
XO John
XO John

The USS Katherine Johnson . . .

has something to offer every Sci-Fi fan - no matter where you live! All of the crew onboard are Star Trek fans; however, some are fans of Star Wars, Firefly, MST3K, Dr. Who, The Expanse, Outlander, Marvel, DC, and other types of science fiction and fantasy. Many of us enjoy history, aviation, paranormal science, music, theater, astronomy, and movies, just to name a few! With such a diverse list, we're sure to have something that will interest you. And if not, introduce us to something new!

Although we're a fan organization, the basic structure of the group is based on Star Trek starship organization and ranks. Members have the ability to earn ranks through participating in chapter activities. Although these ranks have no value or authority in the real world, they represent your level of participation aboard the Katherine Johnson and give you the feeling of actually being a crew member of a starship.

Our members have the opportunity to serve within an department, such as Operations, Communications, Engineering, Medical, Science, or Security. Each Chapter member is invited to contact the CO or XO about an assignment that's right for you.

[If this is your first visit, or if you have questions about our Chapter or membership, please sign the log and send us a message.]

On behalf of the officers and crew of the USS Katherine Johnson, welcome aboard!

VADM Thomas "Little Guy" Restivo, Ship's Captain

CMDR John A. Lee , Executive Officer

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