USS Katherine Johnson NCC-80118

Deck Layout & Tour

Greetings all, "Mrs. Johnson" here. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the ship's A.I. interpersonal holographic computer. I was programmed and named after the ship's namesake, Mrs. Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson. She was a mid-20th century mathematician and scientist who specialized in calculating orbital mechanics prior to the wide use of computers. Her pioneering work blazed the trail for women and people of color and was critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights. Be sure to read and view her amazing story elsewhere on this site.  

Welcome to our ship's deck layout and self-guided tour. Let me tell you a little about our ship. The USS Katherine Johnson Luna-class vessel has 17 decks (+2 Sensor Pod).  The layout of Decks 1-11 are presented here for your edification and to give you a little taste of what it would be like to live on a starship. Decks 12-17 (not included) are dedicated to ship infrastructure and support systems, such as: Fusion Reactors, Tractor Beams, Communications Array, Shields, Life Support, Deflectors, Nacelle Access, Structural Integrity, Impulse and Thruster Assemblies, Fuel Storage Tanks, Waste Management, Warp Core Ejection System, Antimatter Storage, and Phaser Arrays. The ship's exceptional environmental systems allow for a crew of greater diversity (human/non-human mix) than previous starships. Kj's infrastructure provides 24/7 care and support (such as lodging, food, medical, and general services) for the ship's multispecies complement of 70 officers, 280 crew.  We hope you enjoy the tour of our ship's decks! I'll meet you again at the end with a special invitation.

NOTE: The KJ layout for decks 1-11 were losely based on information from (in order):

  1. Federation Space! Wiki: Luna-Class Reconnaissance Vessel Deck Plans
  2. Pegasus Fleet: Luna-Class Interior Design  

For each of the decks below, click on the first picture in the row to open the pop-up slides. The pictures marked [CLICK-2-ZOOM], will expand to show more detail if you click on the image.

Deck 1: Main Bridge Layout (w/2 Turbo Lift's, Aft Starboard & Port Forward), Bridge Schematic Diagram, Captain's Ready Room,  Conference/Briefing Room, Escape Pod Access (multiple EPA's throughout ship)

DECK 2: Captain's (CO's) Quarters, First Officer's (XO's) Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters (LCDR, CMDR), Head Counselor's Quarters, Racquetball Holodeck, Turbo Lift - typical, (multiple turbo lifts throughout ship) 

DECK 3: VIP Suite (Ambassador/Diplomat) Junior Officer's Quarters (ENS, LTJG, LT), Archeology & Geology Lab, Zoology Lab, Main Computer Core Access Room (computer core rooms also on Decks 4, 5, 6), Transporter Rooms (multiple transporters throughout ship)

DECK 4: Office - Chief Operations Officer, Ops Department Briefing Room, Office - Chief Communications  Officer, Communications Center, Classroom/Learning Lab,  Couple's Quarters, Civilian Quarters [4-person]

DECK 5: Sickbay (Upper Level): Applied Physics Lab, Bio-Chem Lab, Specialty Med Lab/Higher Dependancy Unit - HDU, Xenobiology, Synthetics & Cybernetics Lab

Deck 6: Sickbay (Main): Medical Complex [w/Chief Medical Officer & Counselor's Offices, Head Nurse Duty Station, Isolation Ward, Decontamination Chambers, Surgery Suites 01 & 02, Sanitation Module, Intensive Care & Primary Care Units, Cryogenic Stasis, Morgue, Med Labs 01 & 02, Rehab Gym, & Recovery Ward], also Robotic Assisted Surgery, Research Library, & Industrial Replicator 1

DECK 7: The Boothby Arboretum (Multi-level) [Deck 7-The Arboretum CafĂ© / Deck 8-The Arboretum Terrace / Deck 9-Botanical Gardens & Recreation Area], also Botonical Lab, Ship's Lounge - "Seven Forward" [w/several large observation windows] & Allan's Alley [ship's favorite "watering hole" w/8 Bowling Lanes, Retro Pizza Toaster Oven, Mini-Bar Fridge w/side bottle opener, & Vintage Rock-Ola Bubbler Jukebox-Elvis Model - loaded w/hit music from 1950s - 60s/70s/80's/90s], Ship Shape Shop (Barber/Stylist), Gymnasium (Main), Mess Hall (Main), Holodeck 7 [w/special performance venues] (multiple holodecks throughout ship)

DECK 8: Security Complex [with Security Chief's Office, Target Range: 20th Century Firearms & 24th Century Energy Weapons, Armory & Weapons Maintenance, Brig, Forensics Lab, Gym (Lower), Holding Cells, Jefferies Tube, Lounge, Master-At-Arms Office, Martial Arts Training Area, Sickbay, & Turbo Lift], Courtroom, NCO Quarters [PO1-3, CPO, SCPO], Civilian Quarters, Security Deck Cargo Bays, Primary Deuterium Storage Tank (multiple throughout ship)

DECK 9:  Chief Science Officer's Quarters, Astrometric & Temporal Mechanics Lab, Astrophysics Lab, Lewis Zimmerman Holography Lab, Planetology Lab, Stellar Cartography Bay, Crew's Quarters (CRR, CRA, CRM),  Antimatter Storage Bay

DECK 10: (Main) Shuttlebay, Hangers - Shuttlecraft Docked: Type 8 [Christine Darden, Miriam Mann, Kathryn Peddrew, Virginia Tucker], Type 9 [Dorothy Hoover, Annie Easley], Delta Flyer [Dorothy Vaughan], Type 11 [Captain's Yacht - Mary Jackson], "Jock Linsey's" Hanger '36 Lounge, Hanger Deck Cargo Bays, Main Engineering Core (Upper), Photon Torpedo Bay: Magazine & LauncherAft EV Access Airlock

DECK 11:  (Main Level) Chief Engineer Quarters, Main Engineering Room, Jefferies Tube (multiple tubes throughout ship), Engr. Crew's Quarters, Sensor Control Center, Fabrication Bay [w/Industrial Replicators 2 & 3], Hydroponics Bay, Navigational Deflector Control

We hope that you enjoyed touring the decks. And that you got a little sense of what it must be like to live and work on board a Federation starship. 

On behalf of the ship's officers and crew, it  is my pleasure to invite you to join with them in Holodeck 7 for a very special entertainment program..

May you have "Fair Weather, Clear Skies, and Light Winds". 

~ "Mrs. Johnson" 

[*Ship's Interpersonal A.I. Holograhic Computer]