Ranks & Promotions

The most important thing to remember about STARFLEET rank (see chart below) is that it holds NO VALUE outside of STARFLEET. All ranks within STARFLEET are bestowed as a testament to a job well done. When you earn a promotion on the Katherine Johnson, you have the right to be proud of your accomplishments, but please don't use your rank inappropriately. Everyone on the Katherine Johnson serves as a team. No one person is superior to another. And no one person is inferior to another.

Commissioned Ranks & KJ Points Needed To Achieve Rank

Non-Commissioned Ranks & KJ Points Needed To Achieve Rank

Promotion Points

The USS Katherine Johnson operates on a point system, accumulating points as you participate in activities. Most events and activities you participate in are worth a pre-set amount of points, and after gaining enough points, you are eligible for a promotion. Keeping track of promotion points and reporting them to the XO is the responsibility of each individual member!

Points are not cumulative. After attaining a promotion, your points total will be set back to zero. This policy ensures that ranks are earned for significant levels of chapter activity participation. While it may be challenging to achieve the higher levels of rank, in the end it will be more rewarding. Note that the Command Staff of the Katherine Johnson may promote members to any noncommissioned rank, but may only promote members up to the commissioned rank of Commander.

The table below is only a partial listing of the activities for which you may earn points. If you have an idea for another category for promotion points, please discuss it with the Command Staff. Members will be allowed to grandfather points from prior activities or club membership at the discretion of the Command Staff.